Encouraging Manitoba's children to learn about gardening and all the lifeskills that comes with it!

Please pardon the website as we are still growing (pun intended) the content!

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What is Little Gardeners Club?

Little Gardeners Club is a free online Manitoba based Children's Gardening Club. This club is completely virtual (except for the actual act of planting and growing the plants) and all information will be shared on our website or social media pages. Every week we will post new material to help guide everyone through the process of growing their plants, as well as other information surrounding the environment, food chain, and eco-system. Although our material is aimed for those 12 and under, teens are more than welcome to join, as their participation in the community we are hoping to build will help inspire the younger children.

We ask and encourage everyone to join our social media pages, and to post picture of their weekly accomplishments, questions, or their own tips, tricks, and experiences there. We hope this will be a community effort and activity, not just a one-directional website providing information.

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Club Sign Up

Do I need to sign up to participate? No! All the material will be shared on our website and social media for all to access, but we just encourage people to sign up as it helps us to gauge if this initiative is a success.


Here you will find helpful information

Download the Gardening Kit Workbook

Click to download a copy of the workbook that was included in the Gardening Kits. This also includes the colouring book :)

Week 1 - Watering

Follow this to learn about watering your seedling!

Week 2 - Seedling

Learn how to care for your seedling :)

Who We Are

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Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

We can be reached at info @ littlegardeners.club